Letterpress Cuts

Decades ago I had cuts made for my Kelsey Presses by, I believe, Owego Graphics. I cannot find them, does anyone know where I can have metal cuts made instead of going to the full blow new plastic systems? Thanks, RAY

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We use Owasso graphic at www.owassographic.com

Ray, check out the Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA, they sell tons of cuts at reasonable prices. its right next door to you, I think.

Thank you, Paul. That was it, I had the spelling wrong since I no longer have my 1960s and 70s printing records. Off I go, happy, yours, RAY

Thanks, Dick. Yes I was last at the Museum of Printing a few weeks ago at the “type sale.” In this case I need some cuts made, and Paul had my answer - I had the spelling wrong of the place I was seeking, yours, RAY

PaulM and rayboas:

It’s Owosso Graphic Arts in Owosso, MI Just a hop, skip and a jump north of me here in East Lansing. There’s no ‘a’ in Owosso.


Great people to deal with.

But they don’t make zinc photoengravings any more, as they did in the 70s and 80s. I sure wish someone would revive that technology — I have received mag plates that have already started to corrode, but I have zincos I bought from Owosso when I was starting printing 45 years ago that are still in fine shape.


oops, my spell check must be broken.
Thanks for the correction

Bob — Suggestion on keeping your mag plates from corroding. I spray a light coating of cooking spray over the cuts and then put them in a plastic bag. I have some that are 40 years old and are in A-1 condition.

No, Bob, no more zinc, but their copper cuts will last just as long and print just as well. And they’re not much more expensive than the magnesium.