Foil Stamping on a Kluge

Hey! I’m wondering how to set a kluge up for foil stamping. Is there an attachment that needs to be added? Any idea where I can get the equipment I would need. Is it hard to switch between foil stamping and regular printing?

Any and all advice is much appreciated

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Are you using your Kluge to print with ink at present? and you want to convert the press to hot foil stamping? If so there may be people selling and installing that equipment. Unless I am mistaken you will need to remove the whole inking section of the press and install a foil delivery system and a hot plate. That’s not something you could switch back and forth.
You could probably find a Kluge hot stamp machine for sale without too much trouble.

Yep, the press is currently set up for ink.

Sounds like a process to switch it over.

I want to do foil stamping. How would you recommend I get started?
contact Brandtjen & Kluge

I would recommend a Kelsey foil machine. Kelsey made a foil machine by converting a regular table top withrollers printing unit to a hot foil stamping machine. I have both machines. Kelsey made them for a fiew years however they did not sell as many as they hoped so they discontinued the conversion. They are a very good conversion and work well. Look into a Kelsey it may work for you. There are other small table top models designed for this purpose. I think converting your Kluge would be a monumental task. I have seen Heidelberg conversions and they are massive conversions and the machine becomes a semipermanent foil stamper thereafter Dave

I bought a Gold Boss foiling unit for one of my windmills, I can disconnect it and go back to printing in just 10 of 15 minutes, thereare some units out there that you have to dedicate your press to just foil stamping. Most of the table top foiling presses are not that great, you are limited to just a couple of lines. Dave, I picked up one of those Kelsey foiling units off of ebay, didn’t even know they made them, they do a great job, I have foiled almost a full chase with good results.