Cutter blade sharpening services. Atlanta or national?

Hello printers,

Do you guys have recommendations for a company that sharpens paper cutter blades? The ones that i’m finding in Atlanta operate out of their vehicles and only sharpen curved blades. Looking to sharpen a straight blade for my Triumph.

I imagine that I need to find someone with an industrial sharpener, but i don’t know how to google search for this. I’m sure there’s one in Atlanta, or a company that offers mail in services. Any help is appreciated.

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You should ask another local printer (offset or otherwise). They’ll almost certainly have someone.

There has to be a company that does this in Atlanta.

However, if you can’t find one, I recommend The Sharpening Center in LaPlace, LA. (985) 651-7830. They sharpen my knife flawlessly every time, and they usually turn it around in one day.

I send the blade UPS and they send it back the same way.

They are a small family business and I love to give them support, because they always do such a great job.

I know here in Houston the not box store Hardware store, have information about having your saw blade sharpen.

I Know Southwest and Berning Hardware here do take in sharpening.

There is also a paper guillotine knife sharpening service located in Ashland, Virginia, called Mid-Atlantic Knife Co. They sharpen all sizes of blades and do fine work. They also receive and return blades by UPS etc.


We have used Jorsen and Carlson in Elk Grove Village ,IL for the last 30 or so years and they sell blades as well as sharpen. They have a branch just down the road from you in Griffin, GA

Sorry, their phone # is 770-229-5002

Thanks for all the help guys, especially to Village Press for helping me find a local source!