Getting magnets to release the easy way

Maybe everyone already knows this, but we stumbled onto it the other day. We bought some magnets from NA Graphics and they work great. Maybe a bit too great. They can really, really stick.

If you take a second magnet (even one that isn’t as powerful) and put it on top of the first one, the first one will break away from its host with maybe 1/5 the effort. Then the two magnets can be pulled apart with less effort than pulling that first one off would have been.

If you don’t know this trick try it. Pretty amazing. I wonder how many fingernails I would have saved.

image: magnet-1.jpg


image: magnet-2.jpg


image: magnet-3.jpg


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Make-up rules are stronger than fingernails.

Just push them sideways, they come right off

Typenut is correct; you can also just tilt them sideways and the holding power is lessened by 50%. These are ceramic magnets placed sideways, so the magnetic strength is actually transferred to the steel bracings. They hold incredibly well but are easily removed. Same trick is used on Bunting Cerface Magnetic Bases.


Yes, the NA Graphics magnets are hard to get off the galley tray. But, I love them.

So, you just push them over to get them to release?

Some times I have a big fight to get them away from the type I am proofing.

I make the things and I can’t budge them, so I usually ask my business partner who is a lot stronger to do it for me— or I use pliers. The magnets are Bunting products and we assemble them with the steel sides.