Arkansas Letterpress Community

I just bought my first letterpress: Kelsey Excelsior 5x8 and know nothing about this new venture… ha. I would very much like to connect with any letterpress people in the Arkansas area. I have much to learn and would thrive if I could learn in the flesh.

Any classes that people know about would be very welcome to me as well.


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I’m in Little Rock and know a bit about letterpress. Contact me.

Are you the awesome guy in Roland with all the cool equipment? I would love to come see your stuff sometime and talk with you. I such a newb. I live in Hillcrest.

John saying he knows a bit about printing is like calling the ocean a puddle. Do as John says and contact him. It will be your happy day.

Ditto what Arie says about John Horn. I love John’s humble approach to sharing his knowledge

I teach a basic letterpress class at the Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mtn. View, Arkansas. We have a Kelsey that size. 2021 class schedule will be posted later. Check for more information.