MILLERS SAW TRIMMER Info help please.

Just pressing my Millers, Universal saw/trimmer, with router and jig saw attachments into service. (Miller saw/trimmer Company, Pittsburgh, U.S.A.) . . Machine supplied originally to Lanston Monotype Corp, U.K. pre W W II.
Unpatriotic, but an absolutely amazing machine, even by todays standards, i.e. I could if desired mill/route the centre from a 36 point full point and turn it into a 6 point “0” and all the other functions that modern routers still do, only better!!!
I have already milled/routed end grain hardwood to exactly .918 for poster type reproduction/experiments???
My Quest and Problem is to obtain info leading to the acquisition of endless belts, for the router head, according to the manual supplied originally in sets of 6, BUT a long time ago!!!
We seem to have lost the art of small special purpose endless belts here in U.K.
A cut down pedal cycle inner tube works but hardly scientific??
ANY advice/info at all would be welcome, even if shipping is involved.
One more useful by product, the machine came with full set of equipment including, 4 cutters, (for rebaiting/flanging etc) and special purpose, arbour mounted stones and jig, to resharpen cutters, one of which is exactly the same as the cutter on the ROUSE, power miterer which in itself was/is a superb machine.
*For example, the Rouse would cut/mitre perfect boxes for pre addressed cards, borders for certificates etc etc so accurate that a microscope, would not detect the mitered joins, which were in fact mitered, with a hinge at about .001. thick, on 3 corners!!!*
ANY INFO appreciated. Thank you. MIck.

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John Knox in the USA should be able to help out.

I have no personal experience with John, but a google search shows nothing but positive reports.


Marshall, Sir, thank you good starting point, will begin the trawl from your info, shortly, quick glimpse indicates, initially, flat belt with crocodile clips, but I am sure J. K. will point me in the right direction!!
Because the spindle head rises and falls some 2 inches with a 1 inch driven pulley operated by a wide 3 inch driving pulley the belt (s) needs to be slighty elasticated, to traverse the driving pulley, hence the need for endless!
As the spindle head is rated at 14,000 rpm, (but gives an incredible finish to end grain hardwood etc) I would love to go endless, because the clack of a joined belt will just drive me to yet more coffee, I have to suffer the saw arbour that cannot be endless! but fortunately only makes 3,600 rpm.
Marshall, thanks again for your swift info/responce, and Good luck with your Repro parts. Mick

It won’t help you with your search for a belt, but there is some Miller information reprinted at:

This includes the 1927 catalog, which shows the router attachment for the saw (and some of its uses).

The actual hosting of the catalog is at The Internet Archive. Direct link:

David M.

David M. Thank you Sir, info help is good in 2 ways, *A* to establish availability, (or otherwise!) of my needs, and *B* prompting the Old Goat to navigate the system faster???
Thanks and regards, Mick.

Try Applied Industrial Technologies

Look up the Fenner Link Belt and maybe they will have a compatible product.
Users with small lathes have said they vibrate less than a solid endless belt.