Identify this roller

I have what I’ve been told (Thanks, Fritz!) is an oscillator roller for a platen press. I have no idea what press, though. It came with my Vandercook SP20 for some reason.

The overall length is approx 26.5”. The roller itself is 17.875” long and 1” in diameter.

It has a little bit of surface rust but seems to rotate fine. Probably just needs a little cleanup.

Any guesses? Anyone interested in it?

If you want to see a larger image, check here:

image: rollerID.jpg


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`At first glance, a possibly silly suggestion, very reminiscent of
the (steel) rider roller, from a Thompson British Auto platen, the contact length of the steel fairly synonymous with the compound length of Thompson rollers!!
The extra length of shaft to facilitate reciprocation, (You imply it turns does it reciprocate??)
If it were of Thompson origin or similar, the extra length of the shaft is explained by the fact that it would be fitted as a rider outside of the width of the roller hooks and would be in part driven/assisted externally with dis-similar fittings, side to side!!!
Possibly early *Colt Armoury* press before increase in forme roller numbers??
If it inadvertantly arrived with Proof press, “Red Herring”? One would expect to see Any rider Rollers, the same width as and contained within the ink train, If AT ALL???
>ALL RUBBISH< Apologies, send in the jury!!

It’s a third-party add-on distributor (Triumph, Acme), probably for a C&P. I would think it fits an 10x15?
I had an Acme for a 10x15 that fitted between the lower two rollers and clipped below the ends of the shafts; this fits over the ends of a single roller, probably the single lower roller.
Nothing improves the work on a platen jober more than a distributor.