Windmill Guide adjustment screws

Hi all, I do not believe the adjustment screws on my windmill are moving as much as they should. I realize there should be a 4 pt adjustment. Mine is not moving the full extent.

Any suggestions for a good place to start trouble shooting?

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The lower lay bar can collect debris in the gap where the adjustment screws raise and lower the bar. I’d ensure those gaps are clean and measure the gaps with an automotive gap-gauge set to see if there is indeed 4pt worth of possible travel.

A dental mirror is handy, or even a digital camera to get a close look into those areas.

One machine I saw recently had the assembly wrong and a washer for the screw was in the gap (instead of outside the bracket)… that washer ate up 1pt of travel. Not worth taking it apart to correct, but annoying nonetheless.

I would advise against removing the thin locknuts, they can easily fall into the press. $8/ea replacement if you can’t find it, more $$ if one lands in a place that causes damage…


Paul, if you are diecutting with nickle guides then they could be hitting the jacket and not guiding the sheet correctly. I had to modify one of my sets so they could be used when diecutting.

Thanks everyone, cleaning seemed to do the trick. Being relatively new to the windmill I can’t help feel a bit jaded that such a wonderful machine would be limited to 4pt.

Right now to get my plate in position.. I run a sheet until it is held by the gripper arm, I then put the plate ( adhesive back polymer ) on the paper using rolled scotch tape, make an impression - it is pretty accurate. Anyone have an easier / better way?