“Modernatic” font?

Can anyone help ID this font? It was labeled “Modernatic.”


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Couldn’t get the file to upload, so here is a link: http://instagram.com/p/ikTQiIx-U8/

I think the name has a typo in it — I have an 18 point font of that type (I’m pretty sure it is the same face) and it was called “Modernistic”.


Emily, Friend, A L P is spot on, I have a book in front of me, from my little archive collection, PRINTING DESIGN AND LAYOUT by Vincent Steer, Including specimens of over 500 Typefaces, Foreword by, Beatrice L. Warde…(The)
Listed and pictured are, *MODERNISTIC* by Monotype, listed & pictured, only from 18 Pt. to 36 Pt.??. . A.T.F. (American Type Founders) “MODERNISTIC” listed & pictured.? from 18 Pt. to 72 Pt.!!!
The volume is amazing in its own write, 17 Chapters, 400 Pages, and in the *International Parade* is included Typefaces from U.K. France, Holland Italy, Spain, and of course U.S.A. with many references to A.T.F Faces.!!!
A L P Thank you sir.
Emily Good Luck, and you are welcome to try me and my modest archive for typeface identification, on line or off, no guarantees, pot luck??? . . Mick

P. S. From the same book , Beautiful Quote,!!!
“ With twenty-six soldiers of lead I shall conquer the world“ . . adapted from an old french epigram.???

Hi Emily,

I was unable to get your photo to come up, but I assume from the comments that your face is Modernistic.

That being said, Modernistic was designed by Wadsworth A. Parker for ATF in 1928. It was offered by both ATF and Monotype.


This might shed some light on the font for you.



You guys are amazing. Thank you so much! I’m sure I’ll have more to come as I’m uncovering many many old fonts that have been packaged for 50 years.


Had a gander at the instagram, your fount is indeed Modernistic.
You wont go wrong on this site for type identification…!