Cornerstone furniture cabinet? Help please

Does anyone know the layout of a Conerstone furniture cabinet? I can only make out the following

Row 1(top):
2x8, 2x12, 4x12, 6x12, 8x12.

Row 2:
2x10, 3x12, 4x??, 6x??, ?x??

Row 3:
2x14, 3x18, ??????

Any help with the remainder would be much appreciated. There’s five columns for each of the 7rows.

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anyone know the layout or could post a picture of one with visible numbers?

The Cornerstone 1960 catalogue names the 5 column by seven row sloping furniture cabinet as “The Standard Rack (CR.200)” and describes it as “Built to house two Standard founts or systematically store any other Cornerstone furniture.”

” The Standard Fount (C.F.102)” is detailed as comprising

“6 pieces of each:

2 x 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 32, 48;

3 x 10, 18, 20, 24, 32, 48;

4 x 12, 18, 20, 24, 32, 36, 48;

6 x 12, 18, 20, 24, 32, 42, 48;

8 x 12, 18, 20, 24, 32, 42, 48”

and totals the number of parts as 210 per fount and states that each fount covers 25,788 sq. ems.

The other founts offered were the Junior, Senior, Reliable, Popular, Advanced, Universal, Imperial, Stirling and Master.

A “Master Rack (CR.201)” was also offered, comprising 7 rows by 10 columns, described as “for either the Master fount or large quantities of any common measure”.

In this catalogue the photos of the cabinets are much too small and coarse to permit reading of any of the labels on the pigeonholes.

Recently got one of the 5x7 Cornerstone racks, it fills out like this:

Row 1: 8x2 12x2 12x4 12x6 12x8
Row 2: 10x2 12x3 18x4 18x6 18x8
Row3: 14x2 18x3 20x4 20x6 20x8
Row 4: 18x2 20x3 24x4 24x6 24x8
Row 5: 24x2 24x3 32x4 32x6 32x8
Row 6: 32x2 32x3 36x4 42x6 42x8
Row 7: 48x2 48x3 48x4 48x6 48x8

There is space for 18 pieces in column 1, and 12 in all the other columns.

Thank you both very much! Massive help.

Kindest regards,

A retirement home in the Dunstable area ought to find an ex employee of Hawtorn Baker Ltd of Dunstable, makers of Cornerstone equipment in a vast range.