Windmill side gauge/pin

Does anybody have a pic of the side gauge/pin? Some reason mine doesn’t look right or isn’t complete.

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lay pins or side gauge and its detail are all in the manual,or if you dont have a manual put a pic of your arrangement up for an opinion .

Jfeltz, pic attached of side lay gauge.

Is that what you need? Or, as Peter suggests, upload a pic of your issue.

image: Side-lay, press open.

Side-lay, press open.

Ooh a lay locking screw that hasnt been chewed to hell and back!!!
Unlike the really early heidelberg platens this side lay is made of one piece mainly, the earlier lays are made up of bits .

AnonyMouse now I see what I’m missing! And my press also has a side gauge that screws in opp of yours that goes lower. It has never worked right.

And I can’t get a pic uploaded.

Hey J,

Pix need to be small >450px. Or, for bigger pix, you can upload to an online service like dropbox or Flickr, then post a link.

With regard to the lower extension that screws onto the sidelay, thats for business cards and is generally not left on the press otherwise.

Me thinking his side gauge for the front may just be in the machines drawer !!!

So many treasures can hide in there… and in the manual. ;-)

Yes I found it in the drawer! The problem is this is the only Windmill I have been around. My manual is a photocopy so some of the detail in pics has been lost. I couldn’t find a good pic of the side gauge. Thanks for the help!


By the way, the manual and parts-book are downloadable from the reference section here and from other sites too.

You can also contact Whittenberg for their CD of manuals which are higher quality scans.

Caveat: parts-books from both sources are missing pages… the popular download in the refs section is missing one as a misprint by Heidelberg, and the Whittenberg scans are missing a couple pages, prolly just an oversight. (I will post the missing pages and notify W Inc. forthwith.)


Heidelberg were not as skilled at proofreading as they were at designs and engineering !!!

Better that than the other way around.

Certainly , something that we greatly appreciate ..