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Hi All,
Looking for Kelsey #61,Figs & #324 (24pt & caps). Looked in the 1904 catalog that is on TJ Lyons Flickr & Kelsey and Co. Press and Printing Catalogue 1878 but could not locate.
Any ideas??? Thx

image: Kelsey324.jpg


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24pt Kelsey No. 324 is listed as “Society Roman” in their 1946 Printers’ Supply Book (p. E-10, image 42 of the scan (41 if you count from zero)). Series 61 might be in there as well, but I didn’t spot it in a very quick glance. Apparently an 8A font of 24pt 324 was $10.30, but a 4A font was free. Oops :-)

This catalog is online at:

or see

for links to this and a few other Kelsey documents.

David M.

The use of the post-1930 type face Bernhard Gothic Medium on the Kelsey labels is another clue to work with in dating the era of a type face, though Kelsey used Bernhard Gothic heavily in most of its printed work up until the end of the company in the 1990s.


Was all kelsey type cast from monotype matrix?

Kelsey sold monotype and also foundry type, I think they bought American type for their foundry type, I don’t know where they bought their monotype from.

Hasn’t all this been discussed at length previously? It should be in the archives. Kelsey purchased ATF type and they also had their own casting machines, Thompsons and perhaps Orphan Annies. They also had foundry mats from the old Connecticut Type Foundry whose name they used along with mats from some other foundries, and many of these mats survive with Rich Hopkins. Foundry mats can be cast on a Thompson with the appropriate mat holder. Rich offered castings from some of the Kelsey mats a few years ago and I purchased a nifty Kelsey border that he cast. Kelsey was at this for over 100 years.


Kelsey’s “Society Roman” is actually Announcement Roman.


Thank you all so very very much!

Question - I’m new here and was wondering is there a link somewhere on this site that shows all the various links to different foundries? Perhaps there is and I didn’t scour/drill down far enough….

I think you can look in the yellow pages on this site and you will find type founders.