Rule for forms and borders

I’m just starting out and am looking for rule to make borders and lined forms for product price tags and product literature.

I just want to do a traditional border that is, i believe 2, maybe 3pt on the outside line and 1pt inside line.

I know this is basic stuff for most of you folks, but I can’t seem to find a source for rule, and when i do it’s mixed lots without matching sized pairs.

Several questions -

Does anyone sell rule, sets of rule? In brass or lead?
Can rule be bought in lengths for cutting? can brass rule be cut with a slug cutter without issues? can it be similarly mitered or do i need to outfit my tablesaw with a metal blade for that?
and most importantly, where do i find it?

thanks for the help

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Do not try to cut brass rule on a slug cutter
Brass rule sets were available with selections of lengths and corners
I have some brass sets as well as new lead rule for sale
Contact me for more info
Jim McGraw

The 3 pt 1 pt combination rule is known as Oxford rule and come in a variety of widths. I believe NA Graphics may have some patterns of rule in stock. Many folks don’t use rule and so it’s getting harder to find anything more exotic than hairline on 2pt or 6 pt full face.

A good source of metal rule, not brass, is M&H Type in San Francisco. I have a variety of rule but I have pretty much stopped selling it. Remember that a pound of rule is hardly any at all, so minimums are usually 5 or 10 pounds of any one face. Most commonly used rule is cast on either a 2 pt body or 6 pt body, and the thicker 6 pt body cuts better on a saw—printer’s saw, not the wood shop table saw.

I have at least one customer that buys 100 lbs of hairline on a 2 pt body per order. It is a captive plant in a major food processing company. There is still limited demand for cast metal rule.


I literally have hundreds of pounds of this stuff, never used, sitting in long strip on galleys. I’ll have to start bringing it to printer’s fairs and wayzgooses and give it to those who can use it. I’ve had it for decades and haven’t used a single piece of it yet so I might as well make my heirs happy and lighten some of the tonnage in the basement.


Rick, if you’re that interested in getting rid of it, I’m sure there are many of us on BP who would be happy to pay for some. If the rules are in short enough sections, they’ll even fit into USPS flat-rate boxes, making the shipping pretty reasonable. How much would you like for it, say, per Lb?

Michael Hurley
Titivlus Press
Memphis, TN