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Merganthaler Linotype, Babcock flatbed press (1920’s), chases, furniture, metal and lead. Have to empty buidling. To much to list. I am in Illinois. Can send pictures.

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I may be interested, the question is, were in Illinois are you?

I too may be interested. I assume that you are in Gardner, IL, south of Joliet???????

My interested lies in acquiring equipment and materials for the Printers’ Hall letterpress museum in Mt. Pleasant, IA.

Pictures are available of Merganthaler Linotype Model 7, has 4 magazines of type plus individual type cases with mats, also several parts. Babcock Regular flatbed, copy camera enlarger, type (several pts. of Cooper and Stand, Lead pot, wood furniture, slug cutters, large and small. Plenty of lead filler. Coins and keys, old and new.

I am always looking for display type. I do have time to re-sort it if it comes to me by the pound. As I do book titling, small quantities also work. It would need to be mailed. Useful sizes are 18 point and up.

Hi, I am interested in information on your Babcock press, realizing your post is from 2007. We have a Babcock but would like to know more about these presses. Thanks!

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