Anyone use hand calligraphied artwork to create a plate?

I want to create letterpressed invitations from a hand calligraphied original. Anyone ever done that? Wondering if the curves of the hand drawn letters might be too fine for a good plate….?

If you have successfully done this, did you scan the original and send a digital file or did you just send off the original art to have the plate made?


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we have done it a number of times at my place of work. I don’t set up the files, but I know they scan it in and create the file according to the platemakers (Boxcar?) specs. The lines should be fine as long as the plate is made properly. I mean, maybe you are talking some seriously small lines, but i doubt it will be a problem.
It has always printed well and looks good.
Good luck,

Thank you. I will discuss file specs with Boxcar and anything I need to look out for.

I have printed some beautiful handlettering. It was scanned by the calligrapher at 1200 dpi. I made my own plates, however the result was beautiful. I have a picture if you want. Good luck!

If its not too much trouble, I would love to see a pic. Thanks.

I’ve never printed any myself, but for a wonderful example check out the blog {}. Her invitations were embossed, then letterpressed and she using wonderful hand-lettering by Jenna Hein. They are amazing. Those are one reason why I love letterpress. I have a crush on her invitations! She has multiple posts on them, so just search the blog for them. I’m also in the process of putting the pictures on my blog { if you can’t find them. Hope that helps. I bet she’d be willing to help out with specifics as well. She designed them, but didn’t print them herself.