Lateral adjustment of sucker bar


I have just picked up a “well used” windmill 13x18 with the intention if using it for die-cutting. I’m just familiarising myself with its maintenance and feeding mechanism at the moment (impressions with a forms will come when I’m happy with it’s running and feeding). I read in the manual that the sucker bar can be moved laterally. Mine doesn’t seem to want to budge. Is it the disc like knob that holds this in place? I can release this knob but the bar won’t move, I am assuming that it has just momentarily rusted up and just needs a bit of lubricating to get it moving. My questions is……is this supposed to move after releasing the dsc like knob?


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Yes… it should move left-right (but not rotate).

OK, thanks. Just wanted to check rather than spend time trying to make something move when it was not intended. thanks again, Gary.

Before you move it to the right ,or at least when you do always check that the end of the bar cannot hit the platens gripper drive housing , this is prevented by the pipe being fitted correctly as the end of the pipe is the stop that maintains clearance .

Thanks, Peter. Managed to get it to slide with a little WD40 and a gentle nudge from a small hammer. I see what you mean, the little “bit” on the underside of the sucker bar needs to sit inside its clamp to prevent it from turning. I’ve got it set up as I needed now, thanks.
Thanks for your input, all.