Windmill Roller Arm

I’ve been running the press for about a week without the rollers and then tried putting the rollers in and noticed the spring inside the arm on the pump side was frozen. I’ve been cleaning, oiling and tapping with no success.
I’m not sure how hard it will be to take the arm off but was wondering if anyone has had this problem and if there’s an easy fix.

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If it was ok previously and you havent had a knock to it ,then get some oil in there and gently tap the back of the arm (inner) with a mallet ,wood or rubber just to get it moving again ,if it bounces go to the front end and just pull it in and out to get it moving ., Check the clearance of the swinging roller fittings to determine if they have been able to hit the frame at all .That being the fittings your inkers for the forme fit in .

Thanks Peter,
It seems like it’s sticking from being dirty or there’s some crud inside the spring. I did finally get it to move back and forth, but if I knocked it too hard or far in from the back, it would stick and then I would have to give it a few good blows from the front to pop it back in. I gave it a good dowse of oil and silicone spray lubricant at different positions and as much as I could along the spring. I will let it sit for the night and hopefully something will loosen up.

I would also give a good soaking to the felt pad in the block (attached to the shaft).

It is sometimes hard to find unless the arms are in the right spot:

Still stuck. I’ve decided to remove the arm and get a better look at it. The arm looks like it is attached by only 2 taper pins. I think they get removed out from the top. Not sure yet.

AnonyMouse - I couldn’t find the felt pad (saw it in the parts book) but the arm I’m working on is on the pump side and I think there is only one felt pad which is on the flywheel side.

The blocks should be on both sides, they slide against flat surfaces on the arms to keep the shaft from rotating.
P/N T0706

If you advance the press until one is visible, the other should line up too. If not, something is quite amiss.

P.S. My bad… I’m used to having the rollers on, which draw the shafts out to the point where the blocks are accessible.

So, I’d see how far the good side can be extended to see the block and check the other side, if possible.

It may be that the pin that holds the block to the shaft has sheared. It can happen when the roller bearing carrier takes a whack.

I see what your’e talking about now. I did oil that area quite a bit yesterday. I’ve been trying to loosen up the large taper pins to take the arm off. Not an easy job.

I’d try to get a good look at the shaft,spring and block by using an inspection mirror or camera. If the block is out of place on the shaft, the arm will likely need to come off. Not an enviable task.

This member was able to replace the shaft/spring assy without removing the arm, but quite a battle:

More photos in a more recent post:

Thanks. That really helps. Looks like I would have to saw the shaft in order to get it out without taking the arm off.

It appears that both blocks are in the same position.

I still think that taking the arm off would be best though. However, the taper pins are not budging.

There might still be hope that the pin in the block is not sheared, if the shaft cannot be rotated. Then it may still be a lubrication issue.

If the red fittings accept oil, then I’d load the gun with penetrating oil and fill until the bushings ooze. If the fittings seem plugged, they can be easily removed with pliers and the holes filled with penetrant. I’d watch to see if it wicks into the bushings. I’d pick the felt out of the block and see if penetrating oil can wick into the joint.

It seems odd that it could seize without a collision, but old machines can be erratic and these were built with very tight tolerances. :-/

The shaft doesn’t rotate so I’m hoping it’s a lube problem. I’ve been oiling a lot and the oil appears to be going in the nipple.
Having a little trouble with “easily” removing the fittings with pliers not to mention I’m still working on the taper pins.
Thanks for your time and help.

I am not reading twice an evening at present but will keep a look on you , the taper pins on the big arms are very difficult ,you will likely have to drill them out ,yes they went in from above , dont attempt to drill right throught he lot , you have to go as deep as the shaft from each end of the pin then the hard bit you have to try to tapthe remains through from beneath or twist the arm till the remains of the pin breaks and you can twist it off ,regardless of skill its hard work.

I have never drilled out a taper pin before. It will be interesting. Since this is also my foil press, I have to wait on the drilling and do a couple foil jobs first.
Also, If the roller arm is off, would it effect the other arm. I use the flywheel side arm to draw the foil. Just thinking ahead on how long the press would be down.