Canadian with a Duty/Tax Issue

I have just purchased a Kelsey 5 x8 in great condition from a wonderful member here on this board. But, I am have an issue. Does anyone know - if I purchase a press in the USA and bring it back into Canada if I am subject to Duty if not remaining in the US for the 48 hour period? I read that articles produced more that 50 but less than 100 years ago are duty free. I think my press is 56 years old so I may be good there. Taxes should be around $100.00 (yes, that is Canada). Has anyone been through this experience? Are there any fellow Canadians that can offer me some insight into this issue? I really want my press and was so excited to find it! Serial on MY Kelsey is B58A which is said to mean it was manufactured in April 1958. Looking forward to your input!!

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Why don’t you call customs and ask them. If you’re right about 50-100 year old stuff being duty free, you might be able to get it through for free. However, if I were you, I would have the $100 ready to pay, in case they don’t see it that way when you get to the border.

You will need your Passport as well, of course.

Given that Kelsey presses were made in the USA, you won’t need to pay duty. The country of origin remains relevant even for things made 56 years ago. You will need to pay taxes, though. Make sure you have a receipt, or even better yet a print-out of a ad with the price shown. Print-outs of e-mail with the seller helps too. It depends on the CBSA agent that you have crossing — I’ve been told that the price you paid is irrelevant, and they will try to figure out what the thing is actually worth. Be prepared to wait patiently while they google for a price they’re happy with.

Recently, I have purchased Items they didn’t know what anything was. They only used my Invoice that was for $250.00 and I was charged very little. The invoice also said Items were manufactured in US. Yes just be patient act like you have nothing to hide.

Thank you everyone and yes, I NEVER forget my trusty passport. I have printed comparables from EBay and my seller is totally willing to provide me with a receipt. He removed his ad from Briar, but that should not be an issue as I have the receipt in possession. I also have some history printed up on the press that indicates the Kelsey was manufactured in Meriden, Connecticut. Just want to have all of my bases covered as I travel to the US a lot. Would not want to be in trouble. I want everything on the up and up!!

I have brought letterpress equipment up from the U.S. several times. On crossing the border, I should them the invoice, explained what I had (most are not sure what letterpress is), also noting it was antique equipment. Paid the GST and have not paid any duties (Ludlows & Challenge Proof Press)
It depends on how the customs person classifies the letterpress. Although they could try to classify it as commercial, you are still just subject to the GST.
The older the equipment the more they have to rely on your invoice. I also had the bank draft to prove the invoice matched. Of course they do convert everything to CDN$ to get the most out of the GST.

There are customs classifications (or whatever they are called). It is a numbered system. The info is on the web. When I brought my C&P in there was no (or very low) duty as the classification number describing letterpress equipment showed it as either a very low rate or free - I forgot. But the point it, print out the page with the number and the rate, so that you can “guide” the customs official. They have the last word.