A Good Source for Film Negatives?

Does anyone know of a good source for film negatives in the Northeast? I got a price from a place about an hour away, but they want $30 for a 10x12” negative. That seems on the high side to me. Or is it?


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You may find less expensive. But you have to take into consideration, FILM has gone thru the roof on pricing. Also, The developer and the Fix are expensive. I’d say $30 is what I’d charge.

The price of film has indeed risen dramatically in the last few years. this is due to the fact that it is now manufactured in much smaller quantities. It’s just not as much in demand nowadays. It’s more or less a specialty item, and like all specialty items it’s pricey.

that being said, I still make my own negatives using ortho film and chemicals from Freestyle. It’s relatively easy to do…. BUT I can’t say it’s cheaper. If you only have a few to do, you are probably much better off to pay the $30.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can get a LOT of small jobs onto a single 10x12…. then cut them apart and strip them up for platemaking. For example… a 10 x 12 will hold 15 business cards….. so it’s only $2 per card.

We run film at Alpha Graphics in Baltimore, we could always ship to you. Our smallest size is 8.5x11 for $16.50. I think our 12x18s are about $33, so that’s not too out of line for pricing.

Our film prices have increased a lot lately, as have the chemical prices (less so but still slowly going up.) We mainly run film for our custom transfer sheets but the student market (letterpress class at MICA) has been growing, so we do try to keep our prices low. It’s also a question of equipment, our processor was on its last legs and we had to find a new used one- not many around for sale.
Email me if you want more information on our prices.

I would also suggest Faces in Providence, RI. See them at http://facesimaging.com/. Very good service.

Thanks for the comments!