chandler and price

Im fixing up a 12×18 chandler price. And was wondering what size moter should be used? And where i could get a belt. And any othere info will be greatly appreciate

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A little more info, please….. Does the press have a pulley on the shaft on the opposite side from the flywheel? Is it a flat belt pulley?

The sizes of pulleys has no bearing on the size of the motor (horsepower), however the size and the way they are attached will affect the speed of the press. You should be able to locate a belt source in your area by checking the Yellow Pages.

According to the 1916 ATF catalogue the size of motor is listed as: C&P Regular Models (O.S.) 12”x18” 1800 IPH / 0.5 HP. A 0.5 HP motor will draw a lot of electricity, so it should have it’s own connection sourced from your power-box.


The size of the pulleys could have an effect on the motor, since the larger the motor pulley is the more torque the motor needs to get it moving. And the amount of current pulled by a half-horse motor should in theory be about 400 watts or approximately 4 amps at 120 volts (768 watts per horsepower) Starting current will be higher than running current but a ten amp circuit should be sufficient.


A couple of points to think about. The original HP suggestions come from very, very old technology. I received my 12x18 with a 1/2HP motor that was physically larger than today’s 1HP motors. More important is the speed. The original calls for 1800RPM. That is for a production machine! Few of us are willing to run the machine at that speed. I elected to go with a 1200RPM motor, keep the original 24” flat belt pulley and run a 3” V-Belt pulley on the motor. Do yourself a favour and watch the variety of videos of on the net with stopwatch in hand to see what feed speed you are comfortable with. Then calculate your motor pulley size.

Alternatively you could consider a variable speed drive motor. They are not cheap but give you lots of control for speed. I would still recommend no more than the 1200 rpm that has been noted.

Thank you all. big help