I need sans serif @ signs

Who’s selling handy boxes of sans serif @ signs these days?

I could have sworn I saw a shop on ebay fonting them up, but couldn’t find anything.

While I have all I require of serifed versions, I need the typical, useful 6-12pt. assortment in a regular weight.

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most linotype fonts have them on the keyboard, I think Quaker City sells handy boxes of them. You could try Swamp Press.

Dick - I have 6, 8, 10 and 12 you can have. Contact me offline and I can send them to you.

Oops - I meant interobang… sorry Dick.

For single type, Pat Reagh in California sells fonts of “Pat’s @s” in different weights and sizes at a more centered alignment. Most older handifonts placed the @ at cap alignment for ad use rather than contemporary lower case alignment for email use.
Linotype @s tend to be cap alignment, but not all. The ones at lower case alignment are worth their weight in gold in their very limited current use.

Pat was selling his @’s on eBay recently, but I don’t see them at the moment. His eBay seller’s name is laboache.

Check out this discussion from a year ago:


Pat Reagh mentions his Pat’s @’s and provides his email.

Does anyone know of a UK supplier? I have only been able to locate serif versions in the UK. My ideal would be Gill Sans and with the “a” sitting on the baseline.


ordered from here - San Fran