tight margins and grippers

Concerning the grippers:

Another discussion topic (about smudged type) prompted me to ask for help on a related topic: what’s an effective way to hold the paper on my platen press when I’m printing a small form that has tight margins (say, 1/4” or less)? I’ve been setting the grippers near the form and then using a rubber band across the top of the paper.

Are there any other tricks of the trade for this?

I love using decorative borders, but they make it awfully hard to hold the paper on the platen.


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instead of rubber bands, which will stretch, i use “fiberglass reinforced tape” shipping or strapping tape it may be called. another option is to use a “frisket”
Tape a sheet of 10pt card (maybe thinner) stock between the 2 grippers. hit it with impression. Then cut out very closely the image that is printed. this should hold down your sheet.

Possibly,?? 2 Frisket fingers, with dummy *Skeleton frame Sheet* between the 2 fingers, with one finger at 6 point in advance of the other, (or vice versa) according to which edge is laid to, to flatten & hold the stock progressively, prior to impression.?? . . Principle from a long time ago, probably *borrowed* from silk screen, or Albion, Hand Press or similar.!!!