No. 4 Vandercook gripper pedal chain

We (Logan Elm Press) are in need of advice re: our No. 4 Vandercook press #18709. We are trying to repair the chain that links to the control of the grippers and don’t know how to get access to this chain. Does anyone have any suggestions for accessing the chain that links the gripper pedal to the grippers?

Thanks, Bob Tauber

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Hi Bob,

Are you 100% sure it’s the chain?
You might want to take a look on the Vanderblog, this is a common issue and has more to do with the trip/print lever disengaging.

Then, if it is indeed the chain, you can sort of acces it through the bottom of the press, you could corroborate if the linkage is disengaged.

And if you post on the Vanderblog you’ll get more answers and more in-depth.