Paper sticking to perforating rule

Hi all. I’m working on my first perforating job this afternoon on my C and P 8x10. I’m perfing a 10” x 7” sheet of 110 lb. cranes lettra paper. I called Fritz at NA graphics a couple weeks ago and he hooked me up with the correct rule and some saber tooth. I set the saber tooth up on my tympani according to the directions on the package. Everything looks right, however when I feed my paper through, it’s getting stuck on the perf rule and pulling the tongues of my gauge pins back. If I remove some of my packing, then the perf doesn’t go deep enough to get a nice clean cut on the paper.

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.


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You need to put ejection rubber next to the perf rule.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I do remember reading that a while back. So what I’m experiencing is normal?

Are there any how to’s or resources on that?


Your cutting Perfing Rule form Maker should have made sure there was sufficient ejection rubber to accomodate this, if you are stuck for quick remedy & just as a a standby, (assuming you hardware type store(s) are something like those in the U.K.) 1/2” wide foam, (or 1/4” wide Twice!!) even double Height! Door Draught excluder will work, temporarily, if all else has failed, it comes with self adhesive backing strip. Quick fix only. Good Luck.

if you are cheap like me you can use a piece of 1/4” foam rubber over the perf. rule. What Mick says will definitely work. Mick, had 2 baby goats today, how many do I put you down for???

You also can run string or rubber bands across from one gripper to the other as long as the perf is horizontal.

If vertical, you could stretch a piece of stiff paper across the grippers and tape it on. The paper will help to strip the perfed sheet from the form as long as the paper is wide enough to keep together after bitten through with the perf rule.

I have also waxed the rule by rubbing it with a candle to help the release.

John Henry

Dick, Thanks for your corroboration, not quite my idea just a modification from repairing 8 Track Tapes with new pressure pads, same principle, all loaded with Rock & Roll of course, Slave unit in The Workshop, Record Unit indoors, could have overpowered 2/3 Linos but couldnt/cant outrun just One Monotype on 10 point even @ 160 ish characters per minute, even Link Wray,s *Rumble* at 75 Watts was not enough!!!
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Avoid putting rubber flush to perf rule.

Why avoid putting rubber next to the perf rule?

Any soft rubber sheets about 1/2” wide on both sides of the perf rule will work.

The soft rubber will not fight will the stock and it will let the sheet meet the perf rule than push the stock away as the perf rule pulls away.

Any soft rubber sheets about 1/2” wide on both sides of the perf rule will work.

The soft rubber will not fight will the stock and it will let the sheet meet the perf rule than push the stock away as the perf rule pulls away.

GWAK the perfed stock can break apart as the rubber compresses. As a diemaker I never put rubber flush to the perf rule unless it is glue assist kiss perf.

Firstly be sure your rule is sharp and has no burrs, dress the edge with a fine emery stone. You should be cutting on a piece of sheet metal, the press should just kiss the sheet metal and leave a sight mark while cutting through the paper. String can be used streached tight across the grippers. Tie the string tight then tap the griper to futher tighten it, if cutting vertical also tie vertical string on each side of the rule.

If there is a burr the height of the rule is compromised. honing may help but better and cheaper to use new rule. most perf rule is only a buck or 2 per foot, When someone send a die to a diemaker to be sharpened what really happens is it is reknifed.