I have recently purchased a Kelsey 3x5 press. It did not come with rollers.
I have found $60 rollers on etsy from the UK, or $170 rollers from the US. Are the cheaper one’s OK ?


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Last year I purchased rollers from

Love them and his price was closer to the $170. But, he did a great job for me and I am happy.

Check out Ramco in California — I suspect they will be about half way between your other two prices — but the $60 rollers from UK will probably cost about $60 to ship to the USA.


We second it…rollers from Ramco Roller Products.

Tom & Terri
T & T Press Restoration

I’ll check out Ramco, Thanks

I have bought from Todd’s Press Time and Ramco - Both excellent quality and great customer service. You can’t go wrong with either one.

I purchased my Kelsey 3x5” rollers from ElliEvans on Etsy - took about 15 days to ship from UK to WV USA.

Two trucks up - Ramco.