Do you have a physical address? Is there an actual museum to visit?

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I don’t believe there is a physical address or actual museum. There is, however, the Platen Press Museum of Paul Aken in Zion, IL. Definitely worth a visit.


As is the Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA!


Thanks Brad. I am visiting NYC from New Zealand and am hoping to find something like a museum or letterpress supplies place within the city area. We are staying in Chinatown, and will only have public transport.

Check out South Street Seaport’s Bowne & Co. Stationers printing office in lower Manhattan. They may know of good sources as well, and it’s a fun place, as well for seeing the old ships on the waterfront.



If you are in NYC and looking for some supplies, I’d recommend renting a car and driving to Chicopee, MA to visit John Barrett’s “Letterpress Things” warehouse:

55 North Chicopee St., Chicopee, MA 01020

Here is his website:

Here are some interior warehouse photos:

From NYC, its probably a 3hr or 4hr drive. If you have anything specific you want, you could even email or call John ahead of time.

ps. how are the NZ AllBlacks doing?


Hey Graham,

I am in New Milford, CT, ~ 75m north of NYC. If you want to get to nearby Danbury, CT via train (Metro North), I’d be happy to give you a lift to Chicopee to check out LetterpressThings as others have suggested.
Chicopee is < a 2hour drive from Danbury and I’m usually looking for an excuse to go! Let me know your travel dates if interested.


Thanks guys. I have returned home now, after a wonderful visit to NYC. I got to Bowne & Co, and ARM letterpress, and met a number of letterpress printers at the National stationery Show, including the Ladies of Letterpress folk, and my email friend from Headcase Press. We almost got to the Mohawk Mill, arrangements fell through at the last. I would have liked to get to Letterpress Things, but time didn’t allow a day for that.
Thanks for the tips, I didn’t get back to here to check before leaving NZ. I should have!
But really enjoyed my visit to Manhattan.

Oh yes, all’s quiet with the All Blacks right now. Doesn’t happen for them until the second half of the year.
For your interest, I recently was awarded the Supreme award for the NZ Pride in Print awards, with a set of two colour letterpress prints. Pretty pleased with myself! Check it out.