Briar Press publicity & Fundraising

B.P. Publicity & Goodies, sure to be attractive to at least a few U.K. contributors. Or as the saying goes from a long time ago, *Let them put their Money (£/$)s, where their Mouth is.
Or in this case where their QWERTY keyboard finger/mouse is. With a little help on how to order, from afar, I will try, excellent idea in apron form, for the new devotees and learners in our new local Museum Print shop.
O.K. if the lay of the case, as pictured, is slightly different to ours, U.K., easily turned to advantage to help the learning curve. Thank You.
How about *T* Shirts with a “Montage” of a few, of the many aspects of Letterpress, of course with a *Monotype* supporting all above, as is right and proper.??
On the back, in Male format, imagine the available advertising space between the Shoulder blades, and then in Female (Lady Printer) *T* shirt Format, it aint rocket science to think of the *stand out pointers* highlighting W.H.Y.
No need for Pointing Hands in 108 line etc.???
Apologies to the P.C. brigade, Non intended.
Not sure if this be the correct expression, but, *A Dollar to a Dime* this post stays up a little longer.?
Our U.K. equivalent saying is perhaps not appropriate for B.P.
Good Luck.

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A very nice range! Christmas is coming; my SO complains that I’m “impossible to buy presents for” - well, maybe not this year…

The poster of an English wooden common press is described as “This poster is a digital reproduction of an engraving of a patent for a Common printing press”. This is incorrect; the press was never patented; it is actually one of the illustrations in Abraham Rees’s “The Cyclopaedia; or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Literature” published in parts 1802-1820, the article “Printing” appearing in 1814.It remains one of the clearest and most intelligible engravings of an English wooden common press in existence.

Perhaps, *T* Shirt featuring ” >Laymans Guide to the Printers Anatomy< by Ronald Searle! Very old but always good for a laugh. Look it up
With possibly a little poetic license, repro,d on the T shirt, tiny
B.P. flag on the Guys flat cap.??
Yes way back, mostly the comps, did wear Flat Caps, and as in R.S.s illustration marked Galley, (pocket in the apron) invariably held the obligatory Snuff Box. See also the Walrus moustache, pictured, nearly always snuff coloured,!!!
With respect to Richard Searle almost a Tutorial in itself.
T.F.P. Thanks.