Disk Quota reached… Post Pics ???

I cant seem to post pics as it says the disk quota has been reached of 4mb.. How can I resolve this and post pics?
Help Please…

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photos are just to large. I what ever program you put them on your computer with, do a save as and save them as a smaller size.

If you are using Windows open the pic with Paint, resize by 50% and save as .JPG, naming the file with a single word, no spaces or special characters.

I’m having this problem as well. No matter how small my photos are, the site just won’t accept them. I just tried to upload a photo. It’s under the 640x400 pixel size and is around 100kb but no go. File name is “windmillfront.jpg”. What’s the issue?


image: UploadTest.jpg


Could be each member has an allotment limit that may have been reached by some.


That’s a possibility. It’d be nice if there was a way to check that and then possibly remove other images.

Jonsel, it might be that the file appears in the directory as windmillfront.jpg and type jpg.

Rename as windmillfront NO .jpg or open in Paint and save as windmillfront and on the drop down select JPG as the format.

I will never come close to becoming a computer expert but I have found that this site is, by far, the most difficult to upload photos to. I use an iPad and even when I resize the pictures to within limits it will not upload more than one. The preview shows the two or three being accepted but when I post, only one shows up. I have brought this to the administrators attention but I didn’t get a reply. Consequently, I have given up on using the Classifieds.

Another thing I have found is, and this was confirmed by the administrators, don’t even think about changing your account’s e-mail address.

Jonsel, are you using a Mac? Apple’s .jpg coding seems to cause trouble for some systems. I’ve received Apple-generated .jpgs I could not open.


The other option is to link to pictures on a free photo hosting site like Flickr, Dropbox, Picasaweb, etc. Those photos can be very hi rez.

Yes, I’m on a Mac. I tried it from my ipad as well and that failed. For now, I just put them on a private page on my site with a link.