What typeface is this?

I recently cleanup up this type I inherited and would like to label it correctly. Does anyone know the font? Also, how do I find the point size? Thanks for your help?

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I’m afraid any photos you tried to attach did not send properly. BP’s system has pretty strict requirements for photo uploads. The name must be short and without special characters (I’d keep it to under 20 characters and nothing but letters and numbers), and a size requirement of around 100kb, I think. Please feel free to try uploading again or perhaps putting the photos on a site like Flickr and posting links, if you would prefer.

As for finding point size, for most faces the easiest method is going to be measuring the body height with a printers’ rule (commonly called a pica stick or pica pole). You can also use a micrometer, dial or vernier caliper to measure the body height in inches or mm and then convert that measurement to points.

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Your picture didn’t come through. It has to have a file name consisting of a simple word, with only letters, no special characters. Also, it can’t be too big. Please try again to post it.

thanks for the help, hopefully the pics work this time!

image: mystery font another view.jpg

mystery font another view.jpg

image: mysteryfont.jpg


Cheltenham Bold.