Do you know how to get emulsion off a film?

I got a film with a lots of dots, since i sent a file with a .psd with a 99% black background, so now i need these dots off, i have to print this tomorrow and i don’t want to drive and pay for an other film.
There is any product, i mean, alcohol, or bleach which can smoothly remove these little dots with a cotton swab perhaps?
Thank you in advance !

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Juan, Bleach will remove the emulsion as well as the anti hilation (sp) layer. We used to “etch” film with Potassium ferricyanide back in the 70’s to remove silver from emulsion. Recommend you rinse with “fixer and then water after. Someone may have a better solution, (pun intended) for you.
Good Luck

99% black background would mean you have many transparent dots. Are you trying to block out the dots, or remove black dots from otherwise transparent background?