Heavy Die Cutting on Chandler 12x18

HI, I am die-cutting quite a bit on a V-50 but am still a beginner. I want to make puzzles on card stock 11x17. Since it will not wrap-around the V-50 cylinder, would a 12x18 Chandler work well? What should I be looking for?

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I have die cut 100’s of thousands of puzzles on a 12 x 18 C& P. Just make sure you understand the manual for adjusting upper and lower impression.

You’ve got my interest. What are you referring to by upper and lower impression?

Depending on the size of the puzzle pieces, you may want to determine the total number of inches of rule involved. Each inch of rule requires a certain amount of force for cutting through stock. The usual number listed is roughly 100 lbs per inch (not having my Heidelberg “Hints for Pressmen handy”, that number may be too low).

Figure out the total number of inches then multiply and you’ll have the amount of tonnage required to punch the form through the stock. If this tonnage figure exceeds the capacity of your press, you’ll get a broken press in short order.

I do not know what the tonnage rating of a C&P 12 x 18 is, considering you have (from weakest to strongest) the Old Style, New Style, and Craftsman series presses.

when you order die… make SURE you get “LCB” Long Center Bevel… it will not separate pieces as much….small puzzels are okay… don’t max out the press though… if large die,,, oil main impression parts at least 3 times a day. 2 times if using synthetic oil…

There are 2 impression knobs one is behind ink disk the other is on the left side of the press and sits upright. The manual explains it and has a diagram


The knobs that Mike is referring to only exist on the Craftsman presses.

Here’s the lower impression control knob on a 12x18:


And here’s the upper knob:


If you don’t have those knobs, then you probably don’t have a craftsman series press.

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I have a NS C&P so I do not have those knobs. Thanks for the clarification.

I’ve cut a lot of promotional sunglass visors, half moon shaped paper with two holes that slip over the arms of eyeglasses on my C&P without any problem.