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I would like to know more information about this device:

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p.s. was unable to upload the pictures

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This is a type-height gauge (Vandercook sold one quite similar). You would set the dial indicator to type height by putting a known height master block in place and then the dial would show a reading of over or under-height so one could properly arrange the packing and makeready for the job being printer. Larger models had a much larger and more horizontal platform.

John Henry

Hi John,

thank you very much for the information. A little question: is it suitable for wood/lead type or is it for the Linotype slugs?

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p.s. here is a model I use to work with:

Armina, in Dutch you call that a ‘cliché hoogtemeter’. Once I’m back in Amsterdam (now in Scotland), I’ll send you more information. Have fun in Milan!

You could use it to measure the height of anything which will fit under the foot of the indicator, so it would be suitable for any relief surface.

John Henry

A long time ago, FAG Height test equipment was supplied by or through U.K. Company, Cornerstone/Hawthorne Baker.
Cornerstone still Listed Luton, Bedfordshire.!!!
One piece of equipment, (possibly an earlier version of the item in question) was a very sophisticated height test guage, precision ground bed with swan neck, incorporating, pressure pad, and Dial Guage as yours, with very deep *throat* to test large blocks plates etc , but was always sought after and made good price at Print Auctions, A, because it was such a precision machine, and B, because it came with at least 6 or 8 interchangeable *Feet* as small as 3 ems, in Aluminium through, Nylon And Fibre (feet), up to at least 10 ems in circumference, for testing and protecting 4 colour process plates, including, testing Plastic plates (half tones) made on a moulding press.? i.e that had to be >back planed< to thickness.???
Does yours have evidence of interchangeable, foot/feet or any sign of missing items.?? U.K. machines supplied by Cornerstone etc were normally accompanied with a well made case, containing the range of interchangeable feet, + precision ground type high block at, .918, but always with the advice, to test the machine prior to use or foot change, but to keep test piece in the the Case, to leave the spring in the relaxed position!!! to maintain its effectiveness.
Good Luck. Mick

@thomas gravemaker Thanks, that will be great! Let me know if you need any additional pictures. We will miss you in Milan!

@jhenry Ah, that is a good news.

@Mick on Monotype Thanks for the information! I’ll take a closer look on the details you’ve mentioned and will try to post more detailed pictures.