Can you name my Adana?


I was given this fantastic big old Adana by a gentleman (who’s sadly passed away since) He told me it was a very early and rare Adana, apparently only a few left in UK (?) It’s a wopper of a thing, it must weigh at least 50-70Kg if not more as i can just about move it on my own. The bed measures aprox 11x8”. There is no chase or rollers. It has no markings or logos whatsoever that I can find…

I’ve searched and searched to try and find out what specific model it actually is and I was hoping someone here might help me?

I’m also looking to sell it as it needs a bit of refurb (which I thought I could do but it needs someone with a bit more knowledge than myself!) and as it’s been sitting so sadly in my work shed for over 5 years now.

Hope you can help me identify the press, and it would also be great to get an idea of how much I should put it up for sale for?

Many thanks in advance

image: IMG_5530.jpg


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I forgot to put that from my research I think it’s an adana No 3 Quarto… But the ones I find have a slightly different handel?

Where are you and are you willing to ship?

I’m in the highlands of Scotland… A bit far away from civilisation unfortunately! I haven’t looked into shipping it yet to be honest, price wise that is. I can’t see it being a problem within the UK, I wouldn’t know how to go about sending it abroad - it’s Very heavy!

Helen is correct it is an Adana No 3 Quarto made in the mid 1930s. Basically it is an oversized H/S 2.
I had to carry mine out of a basement on my own as the seller did not want to injure his back.[email protected]/7184192348/in/set-72157632054...

It takes a gripper finger on both sides, and could have a page counter and an ink duct. A roller mould was also available; I met somebody last year who got Elli Evans to make a pair of rollers.

The beast needs to be bolted onto a bench as it pivots forward if you press hard on the handle with the platen closed.

Hi again, I’m in Glasgow! I am definitely interested in the press. It’s an Adana Quarto No 3 but I’d like to do some research about the possibility of sourcing parts etc.

(btw, I consider the highlands to be very civilised.)

Didn’t see the above comment before posting mine. Seems like there’s a possibility to restore it. I have an 8x5 and it moves about too unless secured to the bench.
Please let me know if you decide on a price. I don’t know how these things work on BriarPress, can you email me directly or vice versa. Thanks.


Just for the record would you tell me the serial number of your press. With the handle pulled down you will see the number stamped into the body of the press.

I would name it Ethel.

Please send me an e-mail, I’ve helped someone inEdinburgh out with an identical press.It’s an Adana, but indeed a rare one.

Thank you very much for all the comments! And now I family got a confirmation of what the old giant is!

I did manage to source rollers for it a while back but never bought them as the refurb “project” got shelved once I realise how little time I would be able to put into it…

I had a specialist come out and view it 5 odd years ago and he said I would need to have the chase custom made etc etc and I think it scared me off a bit as I was such a novice. Now so much time has passed and I realise I simply won’t have the time of spare cash to refurb it - feeling sad about having to let it go.. But such is life

I haven’t got a firm idea of price yet - I’ve contacted a few more people including my old uni tutor who has a letterpress studio in London so hoping to get a bette r idea of what I should sell it for.

Anna; I’m only 3 hrs away from Glasgow! The highlands is indeed a very civilised place :-) I only wish delivery companies wouldn’t charge such horrific postage fees to us as they all seem to think we’re not “mainland Britain”..

Helen, where are you? I would certainly pay the carrier fee.
I used to live in Orkney and know only too well the expense of having parcels delivered to the Highlands and Islands. Then I found out that Royal Mail Parcel and postage service cannot charge more for services to the those areas because they are part of the UK ( for now anyway) so always tried to have them delivered by them. Don’t know what the situation is now, of course, after privatisation.

The serial no is 102

Thanks for the number

Making a chase should not be a problem.
It is 27.6cm x 21.2cm x 1.55 cm

Grind all four corners at 45 deg for a width of 2 cm and depth of .5 cm. This is so the chase sits on the 2 lugs at the bottom and the latches hold the chase at the top.

I paid £160 pounds for mine 2 years ago which included a couple of cases of type and several tins of ink.

image: Model3chasecorner.jpg


image: Model3chase.jpg


I would name your Adana Walter, after Walter Chepman, the first printer (officially) in Scotland.

Hello - first of all thank you very much for all your comments (and name suggestions!)

Re-earthing the Adana has intrigued me again and I’m starting to second think letting it go.. Very sorry to those who showed interest!!

platenprinten: I’m assuming you had your chase custom made? How did you manage to get hold of rollers?

a chase can be made from wood, have had several made this way over the years and they work very well.

I’m disappointed but wish you luck with the project. If you change your mind or need to ask anything, email me.


Helen, my chase is the Adana chase that came with the press.

My rollers came with the press, not great but usable.
I know Elli Evans have made rollers for the Model 3.

The rotating bar at the top of the platen is for tightening the top sheet of the packing. You pull the sheet tight under the bar and turn the lever on the right to lock it in place.

I’ve got all the dimensions for the cores of the rollers, the trucks and for the ratchet that spins the inking disk of an Adana 3. John Easson of Press Here in Coupar Angus was so kind to let me have a good look at his press and take the dimensions. My nephew in Perth manufactured the cores, the trucks and the ratchet. Rollers were made, using the newly manufactured cores, by Elle Evans. I would recommend a chase made in metal for this press!