Italian Bold Sans

I’m having trouble identifying this 1” Italian Bold Sans wood font.
I need some more Ws. I can find some close but the main differences are the very low apex in the middle of the W and the angle of the line ends in the Q.

image: IMG_0886.jpg


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If you want more “W”s, clean the existing W as well as possible, then pull a proof of it. If you wanted to eliminate any imperfections in the proof, you could scan the proof and fix the scan on a computer, or fix the proof with pen and ink. Then give the proof to an engraver and ask them to make a few engravings of it. You also need to give the engraver directions for getting the alignment of the W on the block correct. They need to know the height of the block, which should be an even number of picas. It looks like the top of the letter is at or near the top of the block, so they will need to know if it is at the top of the block or how far down from the top it is, probably in points. Regarding width, I would tell them to make the block as narrow as possible without cutting off any of the face of the letter.

Regarding instructions for cleaning the type (which it looks like yours needs), this has been discused many times on Briarpress so you should be able to find it by doing a search for it.

Hope this helps…..