What are these?


Very, very new to letterpress. We were given the following items when we acquired our press. Can anyone tell me:
1. What they are
2. Are they worth keeping
3. What they might be worth?

Thank you in advance!

image: photo 1-2.JPG

photo 1-2.JPG

image: photo 2-2.JPG

photo 2-2.JPG

image: photo 3.JPG

photo 3.JPG

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The label might help as well:)

image: photo-5.JPG


I hope I’m not the only old fart on here that uses the Google search function. This is a padding press, list price $745.00, and a description can be found here:


The instructions beg me to buy one of these.

Sure looks like a small platemaking exposure unit to me, Fritz. Don’t see the light source, though.


Fritz is on the money, they still make it even, here in Menlo Park, Sunny CA. It’s a Padding press alright.

The wooden tray looks like a tool holder that goes under a windmill

Typenut, thanks for the heads up.

Is that tray indeed a tool holder for the windmill? :D


The first two pics are a padding press.
The third picture is a vacuum frame.

Hi there,

Very new to letterpress. Could I ask the same question but for my new press? I appreciate being able to share your thread JuliePrull

During the move, the specialised removalist guys pulled all loose parts off the Heidelberg Windmill, dumped them in a bag and gave it to me afterwards. Now I’m not sure what they are or where they go.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance from Australia.

image: photo-11.JPG