Working Ludlow in KC Area

I am considering purchasing a Ludlow located in the KC area, that has been unused for quite a few years. Before I do, I would very much like to see a working Ludlow in action. Anyone in the KC area have 30 minutes they will allow me to observe their machine in action? Thanks.

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look at utube, you should be able to find a few videos of them in action. The Ludlow is a fairly simple machine to operate and to fix, you need to clean the pot and plunger faithfully whether you use it or not to keep it casting solid slugs. I’ve had 2 ludlows since the mid 1970s, still in use today.

Thank you Dick.

if you want to play with one stop by my shop, I’m not too far from you, I’m in southeastern Massachusetts.

I’m gonna guess KC area is Kansas City (MO or KS) maybe 1500 miles from you, Dick. But yeah, not too far as compared with, say, Oz.:-)


if he gets on a plane and flies to Boston then rents a car its only an hours drive to my shop, that’s not too far??

A good starting point, could well be by Keying in , www.
*The Elrod Press*??? Not just Elrod!! Comprehensive breakdown of LUDLOW, Lino, and Much Much more. Several pages and probably Video of the Ludlow in action, Correct format needed.?

You could find your way to Mt. Pleasant, IA (southeast corner of Iowa) on the 18th or 19th this month. Printer’s Hall will be open for two days prior to the Saturday morning swap meet (The 21st Annual Midwest and Great Northern Printer’s Fair).

We will be open all day and well into the evening on Thursday and Friday for folks to come and play, ask questions and learn about letterpress printing. We have a working Ludlow that I am sure that a few people can demonstrate and talk to you about.

Give me a call at 515-689-4796 if you have any questions or need directions.


Hi Rick and thanks. We are APA members and I have attended the last few Fairs and hope to once again. Once plans are firmed up, I will give you a call.