inking issues

looking for some advice, I’ve been sifting through old posts but not finding the answer—
I have a C&P (8x12), and am using a magnesium die.
See attached picture. I’m getting a messy almost drop shadow looking edge, using cotton paper (holyoke), but when I was proofing on coated chip board the inking is fine.

this is consistent along the bottom of the plate- which is locked up sideways. I tried locking the plate up higher in the chase but that isn’t helping.

I have a fair bit of tape on the rails, thought this was from them hitting the sides of the type, but when I add a layer of tape, I get this bald spot on the middle of the plate, so several letters don’t get any ink, about a 1/2” circle dead center.

Could I just need new rollers? I’ve had my current ones for 4+ years. my press gets occasional use, about once a month or so.
I also need a source for new rollers if that is the case, any NYC area suggestions?

I have metal trucks, came with— not sure what kind but they appear to be original.
on that note: I’m unclear on the best truck options for this kind of press. maybe I need new ones?

any advice would be welcome.

image: photo (33).JPG

photo (33).JPG

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The bald spot you mention is because your 4 year old rollers have swollen on the ends. You’re having to set them so that the whole rollers touches your plate, meaning your roller setting in the middle is just right and is way too heavy on the edges of the chase area. Pull them off the press or put a straight edge on them to confirm this.

thanks! you are right, a ruler held up to them has the same bald spot in the middle.

do you think there is a way to compensate, to finish this job or am I just stuck waiting to have them recovered?

maybe I could lock up line rule on either side to counter balance.

thanks for the advice. how often do most people replace their rollers?

Not sure if you got my direct email. I live in the Westchester NY area and have an 8 x 12 C&P. I recently bought new rollers from Continental Roller in Kearny, NJ.

If you are in the NY area I have a set that you can borrow until you get new ones. Contact me offline.
[email protected]