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Hello all. It’s been a while. My sister owns a frame shop in NYC, and has asked me about making her Christmas postcards to mail to her clients. YIKES! I feel like I have such rudimentary skills — both in terms of art AND printing — but I digress.

I am hoping to find (for this and other projects), where I can buy 110# or 220# paper that is good for letterpress and pre-cut, possibly pre-scored. (I might be making postcards for her, and cards for myself to sell, so I am interested in both standard postcard size, as well as standard card size.)

I am also open to anyone’s suggestions regarding type of paper, how to do this myself, ANYTHING. I know some people prep their papers by wetting them… I don’t feel like that’s realistic if I’m going to be doing a whole bunch of cards.

Please help me. I have been unemployed for a while, and I am beginning to think that my letterpress is the only source of income I might have!


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Legion Paper there in New York sell pre-cut and pre-scored cards.


Holyoke are another well-known letterpress choice, though I’ve never bought from them personally.


I’m sure folks will chime in with other choices as well.

Michael Hurley
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Ditto on Legion Paper – letterpresspaper.com. You can get 110 lb. Lettra cards in many sizes along with matching envelopes.

I’ve also bought from another place online – www.paper-papers.com. Lots of choices of pre-folded/scored or flat cards.

Here is the Keldon price list:

I love Holyoke … if your budget allows!
Good Luck + happy printing

For thinner paper but with more color options, Paper source and Paper Presentation



I would buy from Paper-papers as much as I can! They ship incredibly fast and have great prices. There have been times where I’ve gone back and forth between Paper-papers and Legion and gotten quicker and cheaper service from the latter, even though it’s shipping halfway across the country and Legion is close by.

Not to mention every time I order from legion/letterpresspaper I get like 5 emails for some reason! A confirmation, an invoice, a thanks etc etc

If you’re in NYC….

Shulman paper in Manhattan are great; they sell small amounts, will cut paper to size for you, and can even score for you on a Kluge or two they have on site. Also, they’re a small business and you can stop by and say hello to the owners when you pick your order up. Friendly folks and really great to work with. Tell them Mark at Haven Press sent you.