13x18 Windmill Conventional Registration

Hey guys,

When die cutting with the conventional registration ( without gauges ) even when putting my die in centre and paper in the feed pile centre its quite a bit off. Usually i have to move my paper to the right on the feed table.


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Why would you die cut without gauges?

Picholas, Follows ramblings and speculation:- (Not facts) as you imply centering the die and the feed pile, just as an experiment move the die up or down a little to pick up in a slightly higher or lower part of the gripper(s) and move the pile accordingly.
Perhaps pick up a sheet of stock under proper power and stop the machine when the sheet or stock is only 50% of the way down and onto the platen, x 2 for both grippers,!! mark the tympan close to the grip allowance and ascertain whether each consecutive sheet follows the same path.
Searching for non obvious variation.?
If you are die-cutting, as implied, with centered stock etc, are the grippers accurate along the whole length, x 2, many posts in back archives, re this subject.
Just ramblings,? Apologies if rubbish.!

The “Old Chesnut” always good for a wind up and difference of opinion, since many many years back, My (the author,s) weapon of choice for Repro,ing, Monotype castings, was the Thompson British Auto Platen, versus the H/berg Platen.??
The usual spiel went something like this,>>Of course the Thompson was better than the H/berg, because it operated by picking up with Suckers and fed in Parallel & then Gripped out>> + with chain assisted rollers, no skidding etc.
But then the Put Down WAS Always, of course the H/berg could/did and still does! Feed 2 up 3 up 4 up, etc separate piles, gripped all the way through, for speed, where register was not critical, Perhaps the Good Buddy above has this in mind.
***The Thompson could only work with lays, but still etc etc. blah, blah, blah.

I saw cutting and creasing on a Thompson and a Heidelberg platen today and the Heidelberg used the lays.

I agree with Jonsel.

The problem with the Heidelberg is your cuts can fly out or drop down as the arm swings around so you have put some card around the output stacker to stop the drop outs falling on the floor.

Remember that lovely video linked here a few months ago with the cutouts being caught in a cardboard box?

Hey guys,

I know it doesnt give me the best register but i actually get really good registration without using the gauges. I havnt actually measuered how off the two grippers are because it hasnt been neccessary since both give out almost perfect results.