First tabletop press brand.

Hello all,

Time, advice, and experience is appreciated.

I’m looking into purchasing my first tabletop press. I am hoping to purchase through Don Black in Toronto. Any thought on a brand I should consider? My work will consist of invitations, cards, and business cards.

Thank you in advance.

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Ask Don Black, he is a great guy, he will steer you in the right direction. I would not get anything smaller than a 6x10

I think Don gets Adana 8” x 5” platen presses fairly regularly. For their size they do a really good job, and have adjustments that Kelsey presses don’t have. For the money I think they are an excellent for press to own. The Adana 3” x 5” presses are cheaper, but are too small to print anything but single business cards. Plus it is still possible to get parts for Adanas.

image: Adana8x5.JPG


Have you thought about contacting Caslon in the UK, who are the sole owners of the Adana brand and who still hold a lot of spare parts and who refurbish presses as well?

Caslon is a bit expensive. There are any number of Adanas for sale on eBay UK weekly, but shipping to the US and Canada has gotten very high. I think the British government is trying to bail out the economy through the Royal Mail.

Buy the biggest press you can afford. You’ll never regret it.

Juratovic- If I had to choose between a Vandercook Universal I and a 32-28 I would take the smaller Uni I. Same goes for Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 vs 13x18 and C&P 10x15 vs 14.5x22. But when it comes to tabletop platens, I totally agree with you.


Availability and expense are usually a consideration in buying tabletop presses these days. I see C&P Pilots and Craftsman Superiors selling for $2,500. to $3,500. (which is nuts), while Adana 8x5s sell for $400. to $600. Having owned them both, I find the Adana to be more portable, and it has more adjustments than Pilot-style presses. As for comparison to Kelsey tabletop presses they are superior in every way.

Thank you for your responses.

I’m looking for a table top exclusively. Yes, availability and expense are both huge factors. I have been in contact with Don Black and T and T.

Any big differences between the Sigwalt and C&P Pilot?

Thanks again,