Weight of 19 in Challenge table top paper cutter

Does anyone know the weight of the 19 inch Challenge tabletop paper cutter? We’re headed out this weekend to pick one up and we’re not sure whether we need to take the truck or not. The weather is iffy so we’re tempted to take the Kia Sportage. What do you think?

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Apprx. 350-400 lbs is my guess (I have one).

We got one into the back of an explorer with 4 guys once. Wasn’t pretty but it made it.

Oh that helps a lot - thanks! We had no clue. I’m imagining we’ll enjoy some not pretty as well.

I would suggest removing the blade before lifting. Bring a board larger than the dimensions of the blade that you can securely bolt the blade onto so that the edge can’t get anyone. This will keep anyone from accidentally grabbing the protruding edge of the blade when picking up the cutter. There is a real risk of this- just take that darn thing off!

Maybe find a larger vehicle where that cutter doesn’t have to be in the passenger compartment. I once had a near miss with an unsecured floor jack flying through the windshield past my head in a rollover accident. Imagine what that 400 lb. cutter would do to you in a crash.

(I misjudged your Kia- I bet you’d be good, just see if you can secure it with some ratchet straps. Probably some securing points back there somewhere)


Thanks DGM. Also - there is no extra blade but we are getting a very good deal to make up for it. Where would I find an extra blade? I notice some cutters are for sale online with 2 or three extra - maybe someone wants to part with one….

I’m not talking about an extra blade, just the one that is on it. Take it off and screw that bastard to a board with the sharp edge flat to the board. Your hand-meat will thank you!

Listen to Daniel. Before attempting to do anything take the blade off. Just rubbing against the wrong edge and you could be seriously cut. Hope you took some tools with you.
Winfred Reed

Yeah I get the point about the blade - we will be securing it to a board with much care and appreciation for the advice. BUT - there is no extra blade which, I know from hanging around here for a while, can be a deal breaker. Anyone know where I can find one?

Extra blades are available from your sharpener… I think I paid about 100 bucks for one a year ago.

Use great caution removing the blade, they can be sharp beyond imagination.

I also have a 19” Challenge “tabletop” . It must be well over 300lbs, it is quite difficult for two men to wrestle it onto a trailer.

To remove a cutter blade, put the blade in the cutting position, then loosed one bolt remove it and replace it with a 5 or 6 inch stove bolt with short threads, inserted into the hole to act as a handle. Repeat on the other side (I don’t recall how many bolts a 19” cutter has, but all you need is two handles). After the blade is free, re-insert the bolts for the blade into the cutter so you don’t lose them. When you lift the blade be very, very careful not to bump or knick the blade (or yourself). You will need a wide board with a mounted edge, to protect the edge of the blade during transport. Holes will have to be drilled through the board to mount the blade firmly with another two bolts. Determining the size of the bolts you need beforehand would be advisable.

I would think that the cutter is closer to 400 lbs. When I had one we had to move it with fork lifts, as there was no picking it up easily with 4 people. An engine lift could be hired, and used with some stout chains. Be careful, those cutters are very awkwardly shaped, and you’ll need to really plan all steps of your move before you make tham.



I have a Challenge Advance 19” cutter and its weight without a stand is 360 lbs.

The blade should be carefully removed before transporting the cutter and placed in a wooden cradle. Ask the seller if they have the cradle. The cradle is specially made so the blade’s cutting edge is protected during storage and transport.

Have one person only in charge of removing and securing the blade. Paper cutters and blades are serious business.


image: 19in-blade.JPG


You all are so helpful. Thanks!

Hey Mbeeson, make sure you remove the blade before transporting the cutter- and carefully. ;-)

Hey Mbeeson, make sure you remove the blade before transporting the cutter- and carefully. ;-)

Got it HavenPress! I think we will be removing the blade. :)