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I recently acquired these two presses in a property clean-out job and seek Identification & information. The etching press is identified, but I can not locate any information re: the manufacturers history, age of the press, and current value. The screw-type press has no identifying marks and I have no information. I may use the presses in my linoleum cut artwork, but should I decide to sell, would want to have more information. Thanks for any assistance with this request.

image: Briar 1.jpg

Briar 1.jpg

image: Briar 2.jpg

Briar 2.jpg

image: Briar 3.jpg

Briar 3.jpg

image: Briar 4.jpg

Briar 4.jpg

image: Briar 5.jpg

Briar 5.jpg

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I’m not familiar with the small proof press, but it is an interesting design. I AM however familiar with the toggle action copy press. I’ve got one in my shop that I use for book pressing.

We discussed the copy press a few years ago here at Briar Press. Here is a link o the discussion:

Read your previous discussion thread W.C. Press and appreciate the information. Would this type of toggled copy press be a good choice to pull prints from linoleum cuts? I currently use a Noland Standard Proof Press, but sometime get inconsistent pressure. What value would this type of press have, should I decide to sell or trade it?

For an indication of the original use of the flatbed press, see

Your toggled copy press has even less strength than a normal copy press. Just look at how lightweight the whole upper assembly is. It would probably snap and break in a heartbeat if you tried to apply enough pressure to get a decent-sized print.

Lovely to look at, but sucks to try to use.