Need help choosing a flat belt pulley

Hi folks!

I have a C& P 8 x 12. I really need help in determining the appropriate flat belt pulley to use with a quarter hp electric motor.
Page Belting is assisting me in the belting,but I need help to know what kind of flat belt pulley I should use and where to buy it.

Here is a link to a model that might be ok but im not sure

The problem that I see with this type pulley is in how to affix it securely to the motor stem. It does not have a set screw option…
any help would be most appreciated.

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I would try these folks.

Never have used them, but have heard good things about their pulleys.


The face of the pulley which contacts the belt should be slightly crowned (i.e. rounded or with a very shallow “V” shape, with the highest part in the center of the pulley). This will help to keep the belt centered on the pulley. For some reason unknown to me, flat belts always seek the greatest pulley diameter when running, so having the greatest diameter in the center of the pulley tends to keep the belt in the center.

It looks like the pulleys in both sources above are probably crowned, but I would check to be sure before ordering.

mark, the pulley at bottom of page is prob what you want… it does have set screws (mc master page)

Thank you all so much!