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Who do you recommend for colored envelopes? Currently we use Paper Presentation due to there vast options on color and texture and they have precut liners that are easy to use. If the client does not want colored envelopes we use the matching Lettra as what was printed. Lately with Paper Presentation we have had a lot of envelopes we have had to reject sending out to black and grey spots on them. Who else have you used that has a vast assortment of colors available. I would like them to offer a swatch book and have liners available too. I generally order in the 50-200 range at a time for custom color orders. I have looked at paper source but there flaps are super steep of a point.

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French paper make some fantastic envelopes.

Its great to support French

Others are
www.doitwithmoreoptions.com (similar to paper pres)


I have had lots of black spots on my envelopes from paper presentation as well. I only use the kraft ones, and I thought it was just the nature of the kraft paper. I also get quite a few that are bent and appear to have just been shoved in my box as hastily as possible.

do you get the spots on the lettra envelopes too? I was planning to order some of those soon for a new project, but I will reconsider if the quality is as bad as with the kraft envelopes.

I have not ordered envelopes from Paper Presentation, but I have from DoItWithMoreOptions.com. They have similar offerings to the former, but they offer Lettra envelopes with deep rounded flaps. The one time I ordered these, because they matched their envelope liners, the envelopes were rather deformed with various pleating and other marks that I considered substandard.

Other envelopes ordered from the same company, not Lettra, have been somewhat better.


Thanks for all the responses so far. I sure do like all the offerings of French Paper and there support of the craft. I wish that they had options with pointed flaps though unless I am missing something. I will check out the others that have been mentioned. Sarah, i have only ordered Lettra from legion paper. I have never had any quality issues with them. looks like ya have to be a distributer at do it with more. but they have a retail side too.

I took a look at Paper Presentations’s web site and there is a remarkable lack of information, as best as I could tell, about the types, weights, brands, or any description of the papers being used. The spots mentioned are typical of recycled paper grades where these spots are not considered a flaw, but lacking any information at all, it would be best to deal with someone who can adequately describe their wares.

the spots on the envelopes seem to be more of a grease or oil spot on the surface of the envelope. it is not a spot manufactured into the paper.