Deckle edge paper

Anyone know of 8.5x11 deckled-edge paper available?

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1, 2, 3, or 4 edges?

Single edge

Order Somerset in folio sheets. It has deckles on 2 edges, and you’ll be able to trim it according to your needs. I get mine from Renaisance Graphic arts -

Dick Blick also carries somerset I think.

Mohawk still makes their genuine felt finish grade Strathmore Pastelle. In folio sheets 25.5 x 38” it would have decked edges along the 38” side running parallel to the grain. It is not the super soft letterpress paper like Somerset but the price will be dramatically less.
Here is a link to their online store.

Steve - costs dramatically less is an understatement LOL.
Mohawk does give a trade discount when ordering direct too, which is nice. I forgot about that sheet.