Third Party Printing?

I recently purchased a letterpress and am in the process of opening my shop. Orders are multiplying and, while this is a welcomed problem to have, I worry that they are growing faster than I can maintain. Is there any instance in which a designer sends print-ready files or photopolymer plates to a shop that would print them to be resold by designer? Apologies if that question is entirely outlandish, just wondering.

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Job some out to a printer that you TRUST

Your question is not outlandish.
Printing done by one printer for another is called trade printing.
I assume you are the designer that hopes to be swamped with work. You wish to hire someone to help you. There should be a number of under worked printers who would be happy to have your work.
You must be very clear in your relationship and contract. There are some printers who do not wish to have you put your name on the work and pass it as your printing. With a good trade printer, the printer should not care what you do with the finished work as long as she or he is paid. You are interested in keeping the account with your customer and not having the printer attempt to deal with the customer directly. I know of instances where the trade printing has worked very well. In others, one of the parties did not hold up her or his end of the bargain.

Before doing business with any shop, make sure the shop understands that you plan to resell their work.

Also, do as much work your self. You have total control. If you need to have the job die cut or scored etc, send to a shop that you know their work.

A trade shop or trade printer that directly calls one of your clients can be sued. A shop you trust will not do that. A client that goes direct to the trade shop you use is no good and you are better off without them. “business etiquette”
I do mostly trade work and when you are trusted you are never without work.
When I get a call from a potential client one of my first questions is ” who is your regular printer?” If it is one of my clients I advise them to that I can’t do the work directly for them “conflict of interest”

I would rather do trade printing for other shops and designers. I don’t enjoy the design part or working with customers especially brides on projects. It also dosent matter to me if my name is on the job as much as keeping the presses running and the bills paid. If you have any questions about this or anything else be free to contact me off line.

I’am Commercial Printer In PA, would print for anyone, as long as they pay, I also do foil stamping and die cutting, die making do work for local printers not as many as used to be. Any questions please Email.