Letterpress/foil stamping plates

Good afternoon everyone, this is my first interaction with the Briar press community, I hope someone will be able to help us.
My wife and I have an invitation business based in Brooklyn NY and we were looking for a local plate maker. we are specifically looking for someone who makes magnesium plates (not photopolymer)
If anyone knows a reliable platemaker in NYC pelase let us know.
thank you

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I don’t know about in NYC but to me the best bet is Owosso in Michigan. If you submit your artwork by Internet before 10am, the plates are mailed out the same afternoon. You should get no more than 3 day turnaround from submission to receipt of the plate. They do both wood mounted and magnesium-mounted plates, as well as unmounted if you prefer that. I’ve used them for about 45 years.


An alternative to Owosso is Hodgins:


as far as NYC area, you may want to try Atlas Graphics in Long Island:


There’s also Globe Engraving in NJ- not that close but close enough to be called local