Model Press No 1 Question

There are many knowledgeable printers and collectors here with several hundred years experience combined.

Here is a question for all. In the Boys Model Poster pictured below.

What type of Model Press No 1 is in the advertisement?

A - JW Daughaday Model Press No 1 5x8
B - Giuseppe Squintani Model Press Model No 2 5x8
C - Robert Tunis Manufacture Model Press No 1 5x8

Let me know what you think!

image: Boys Model Poster.jpg

Boys Model Poster.jpg

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It is probably a U.K. copy of the Daughaday design. It has Cap A on both sides, bolt on counter weights and cutout on the side.

A similar one sold on U.K. eBay last year.[email protected]/13389458585/in/set-7215763816...

and restored by the buyer[email protected]/15531085507/in/set-7215763816...

It’s not Squintani or Model Printing Press Co

Squintani split from his partners in the 1880s and the Model Printing Press Co continued production. Some time later Excelsior took over production.

It is a Model,
French Version - Model 1 5x7.5

Thanks petspo1, I thought it probably was european made.

I’m sure I didn’t look that young when I started my apprenticeship in 1956 … but I recall the white aprons with the pocket for tweezers … the comp’s best friend.

Message for petspo1:

I know you have a collection of Model platens and would like some advice. The Model 3 we are presently renovating I am told should have leather strips that the roller trucks run on. But I can’t seem to find any way to attach them? Are leather strips necessary or can the steel trucks run directly on the cast-iron frame?


I have one press that has the leather straps, its a Model 4 produced in the UK. This might be a UK/European method for the production of the Models.

All my other Models (US Daughaday, Tunis and Alden Models) do not, all the rollers for these presses run on the steel trucks directly on the frame.

I hope this helps?


The leather would have been added to raise the rollers as they were too heavy inking the forme. You can forget the leather, just have a new set of rollers and runners made for your press.

Here is how the leather was added to another table top.