I have located a Golding Pearl #3. The ad states that it has no “throw off”.
As a newbie, I have no idea what this is or what it is designed for….
The owner of the press is asking $2600 which seems high to me for some reason. I have not seen the press in person but the photos look like it’s in good shape. I’m pretty good at spotting “repair welds” and deterring whether they were done correctly.
Any help would be appreciated: throw off, price, and what to look for when it comes time for an inspection.
Thanks a lot….this is a great site for information.

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The Old Style Pearl #3 was not made with a throwoff (which disengages the impression so mis-feeds can be straightened or replaced), whereas the Pearl Improved #11 (same 7x11 chase size) does have a throwoff. Unless the press is carefully restored to showroom condition that price seems high to me, too.


My first press, a Samson 8x12, didn’t have a throw-off and was a real pain to work with because of it. You might want to consider continuing your search.

I learned on and used for eight years a motorized Chandler & Price press with a throw off. I now print as a hobby (sometimes for money) on a treadle-operated Gordon jobber with no throwoff. Not having it was a little hard to get used to, but after a few jobs it really isn’t a nuisance at all. I printed a run of 1,000 business cards on it without a problem, but if I were to try and make a living (or even a dependable source of income), I would have to acquire a press with a throw off. My Gordon is also a 7x11 and I miss the larger platen size more than I do the throw off. You will be somewhat limited in the format and size of work you can take on. Also, without a motor to power the press, you will have to think before taking on really long runs. And that price does seem high.
Jim DiRisio
The Norlu Press
Fayetteville, NC