S.W. Lowes Patent July 29, 1856 Information & Ident

S.W. Lowes Patent July 29, 1856

Could anyone tell me more about this press? Rarity, number, how it was ultimately used? I have found a number 2 on the Internet….value if any? .. It differs in that there is a place to lock in the type.
Any and all help would be great.

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Working on reducing the photo size so it can be posted.

They seem fairly rare in comparison to the Adams Country press, but both are fairly rare birds. I doubt that there are really more than a dozen examples of either in existence today. Of course if I’m wrong, that’s all well and good.

Lowes Press Photo

image: Lowes.JPG


I wondered what one looked like.
This is a link to an advert for it.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/11836359266/

This seems somewhat different than the image. Seems there were different numbers. No.1,2,3 etc. There are a few images in a Google search. Any guesses as to use?

As how to use it I mean…..

The earliest versions of the Lowe press had a hardwood cone for the roller.
Later versions changed the roller to steel. The press was used like any other small proof press.

I own two Lowe presses, one with the hardwood cone and the other with the steel cone. The press pictured is missing the chase and tympan. I’m not sure what you mean “how it was used.” Do you mean how did it function or for purpose was the press intended?